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Jun K

This place is So. Good! I loved how the cheese just oozes off the slices and the toppings are a perfect mix of flavors.

I got a half and half of the chicken masala and a paneer one. Next time I want to try the eggplant with Chilifornia and another paneer one. I just want to try everything.

Yi Z.

My fiance is a bigger pizza lover than I am but I do enjoy indulging with him from time to time. Since moving to Emeryville, we've been trying to find some new neighborhood spots and Namaste Pizza entered our radar.

For our first Namaste order, we got half Chicken Pizza Masala and half Mango Monsoon. Even though he ordered the smaller size pizza, he was lucky and got an upgrade to the larger size. Both halves of the pizza were delicious and I'm glad that we had a vegetarian option for our friend who visited the next day. However, for my own enjoyment, the Chicken Pizza Masala was the clear winner. I can't wait to try some of their other pizzas.

Happy M.

Very tasty pizzas, and they delivered within 30 minutes. The kids loved the cheese and veggie pizzas; and our friends were big fans of the Tandoori chicken and mango pizzas. Unique flavors that we haven't seen anywhere else. Highly recommended if you want to serve something better than your usual kids-birthday-party fair at your next casual gathering.

Nikhil S.

I love this place. Everytime we're close by, we'll pick up a pizza or two to last a few days. I wish we had one of these closer to us. BEST PIZZA EVER, Indian or not.

Chelsea M.

Stumbled upon this gem on Yelp, and boy was it amazing! An Indian fusion pizza that had incredible spice and flavor was exactly what I tasted! Not only was the food excellent, but the service as just as good! I will DEFINITELY be going back!

Jen Y.

Family favorite! Our child goes to a preschool up the block, and it has become a much-anticipated family routine to go to Namaste for an after school treat, or even better, a delicious family dinner. The staff there is incredibly friendly, and the ingredients they use seem to be mostly organic and always fresh.

As someone who loves the classic margherita, I'm so fascinated by the unique flavors that the team at Namaste curates onto each of their pies - very thoughtfully put together, and they've all been hits - our favorites are the Chicken Pizza Masala, Okie Dokie Artichokie, and the Tandoorilicious.

As a mom, I'm particular appreciative of Namaste's ability to introduce my child to new flavors (guised as pizza!). There's been many studies that indicate that exposure to a wide range of flavors (like that in Indian food) supports brain development. Normally my child (like most 4 year olds) prefers plain cheese pizza, and yet when he goes to Namaste, he's all about the more 'fancy' flavors!

Juan M.

This place is Amazing. Some of theBest pizza I ever had! The staff is friendly and professional. If you eat here, I highly recommend the Oakeedokie Artichokie;) Fresh, Hot and well priced for quality food. You cannot go wrong.